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Welcome! I am Jess, and I am so glad you are here. Lifestyle photography is so dear to my heart. I would love to capture your special moments and the story you have to share. Together we can create something that lasts a lifetime.

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I'm Jess and it is so nice to meet you. I am so glad you stumbled upon my page and have decided to explore!

I'm a bio mom to three kiddos and a foster mama to two kiddos. I've been married for six years and love my sweet husband, who supports me always. I found a love for capturing my own story through photography, and from there knew that capturing other stories brought me so much joy! Too often parents, especially moms, miss out on being in the memories. Life flies by and photos are the best way to keep the memories forever. I hope we click together and you choose to reach out to chat with me some more! I'd love to get to know you. :)

Remembering the little things through photographs is so special. The embraces, the closeness, the giggles. The dancing and cuddling together on cold days. The way you looked at each other all those years ago. Even the not-so-fun moments are worth remembering in thirty years.

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Why hire a photographer?

"I can just take pictures on my phone, it's a really good camera."

We hear that a lot as photographers, these days. Technology is getting better every day, and don't get me wrong, I love capturing every day moments with my iPhone. However, nothing compares to the moments I capture with my camera of my family. Everyone is included without the stress of a timer or making sure you got the right angle on the tripod. I can guide you along the way, without making you feel out of place or uncomfortable. I also can help you with outfit planning, helpful tips to make the kids more excited and the overall experience smoother for all parties involved. These are beautiful photographs that can be printed to keep forever. And, to be honest, it is hard to get the same quality camera as the ones that professional photographers pay for. We are honored to capture your story.

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Available for hire in North Carolina and beyond. Previous travels include, Wrightsville, Oak Island, Raleigh, Clearwater, FL, and more. Contact us for a quote.

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